Where to Put Gear When Hammock Camping

Storing your extra gear when hammock camping can be a predicament if you’ve never done it before.

Most of the time, putting your backpack in a garbage bag and under your hammock can be a viable option for storage. The garbage bag will help keep bugs and moisture out of your gear.

However, if you don’t want to keep it on the ground, you can even clip it with a carabiner to your suspension strap. By storing it that way, you can keep it under your tarp and close by.

Other locations to consider where to store your backpack

If you are camping close to your vehicle, keep your valuables and potentially the backpack itself in there. While you’re unlikely to run into theft in campgrounds, it does happen from time to time. And doing it this way provides a lot of peace of mind for me.

Person in a hammock between two trees

Another viable spot you can keep your backpack overnight is in the steel bear proof enclosures that some campsites offer.

This is really important if you have any snacks / food inside it as you don’t want to invite any unwelcome visitors during the night! Even if it isn’t a large animal that you attract, finding bugs in your bag isn’t cool either.

If you’re just leaving the campsite for the day and not close to your vehicle, consider tossing it in the hammock itself. Not only does this keep your backpack off the ground, it also obscures it a bit and makes it less obvious.

Helpful gear you can use to store a backpack

Most folks will use trash bags or contractor bags if opting to store their backpack on the ground while hammock camping.

If you’re wondering what a contractor bag is, it’s effectively a heavy duty trashbag that’s very large (usually around 40 gallons of volume!)

A tarp can also be helpful to put below your hammock as well for another layer of protection from the ground. That being said, if rain is in the forecast I would skip this one as it could end up collecting more moisture than keeping it out.

Some manufacturers even make hammocks for your backpack like the ENO Underbelly Gear Sling

There’s a lot of options for storing your gear

The fun thing about hammock camping is that you have a ton of options for storing your gear. It really just depends on your situation to choose the right one.

I wouldn’t over-complicate things though when something like a trashbag can be an effective tool for storage! I prefer keeping my gear off the ground, but there’s really no right or wrong way to do it.

During the day, putting your backpack in the hammock itself is usually sufficient to do the job. That being said:

Obviously it’s fun to shop for gear, but this situation really doesn’t call for it unless you want it to. I know that I have a weakness for buying gear I don’t need, it just happens with hobbies.


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