Hydroflask vs Thermoflask – Which is Better?

Thermoflask in Costco

If you had to choose, Hydroflask vs Thermoflask would you know which one is better?

For almost 3x LESS than the Hydroflask costs – enter, the Thermoflask.

Naturally, my first reaction was skepticism.

How could they offer a comparable product for that much less money? There had to be some catch or obvious downfall that would show up as I compared the two next to each other.

I’ve used cheap water bottles in the past that have had issues with keeping drinks cold, leaking if you didn’t tighten the lid an insane amount etc.

Let’s get into the differences.

Construction of the insulated bottles

Both bottles are made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, so there’s no material difference in the body of the bottles. They are also both double insulated, so construction-wise there is no obvious difference either.

Winner: tie

In fact, the ThermoFlask includes a chug and straw lid, where the Hydroflask only comes with the widemouth lid. That wins points in my book.


Both of the bottles are in fact dishwasher safe although there are some that aren’t– just make sure that you put any plastic parts on the top shelf.

A good rule of thumb for cleaning any bottles like this regardless of brand is to avoid harsh chemicals. Here’s my article on how to clean your Hydroflask.

Dish soap and warm water will do the trick without damaging the coating.

It doesn’t get more comparable than that, honestly. I even looked into the warranty policies of both, and they are very similar.

Hydroflask may have a slight edge here as they will even replace a bottle that was damaged in shipping. As long as it wasn’t used afterwards, of course.

Winner: tie

Realistically though, a small warranty difference doesn’t make up for the insane price difference between them.

A hydroflask sitting on a rock

So what’s the verdict on these insulated water bottles?

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I tend to stray on the side of paying more for quality products.

They typically last so long that it’s worth the extra money, right?

This is one of those rare cases where the cheaper alternative is a much better buy. The price difference is insane!

If you’re looking for a solid water bottle to keep your drink hot or cold for a while, the Thermoflask is a solid choice that I highly recommend.

Hydro flask may have a lot of brand recognition, but obviously there’s more to products than flashy marketing. They’ve got to live up to the high expectations that comes with a big price.

Either one would make for a great water bottle for lounging around the house or taking on a camping trip.

Real world use differences

These insulated water bottles have been a game changer for me – I’m honestly kind of a sucker for them.

When I walk past them, they catch my eye and I’m wondering if I can add it to my collection. (Until my financial sense kicks in, that is.)

You can easily take one of these bad boys out on the trail and expect it to keep your water ice cold for the entire trip.

I usually bring two – a large one for the truck when I get finished, and the smaller one that I keep in my backpack.

I have certainly gotten a lot of use out of my insulated bottles and I hope this article helps you to as well!

Common questions

Is ThermoFlask the same as Hydroflask?

Basically, yes. There’s no significant difference between the two water bottles aside from branding.

You really cannot go wrong with either one.

Are ThermoFlask and Takeya the same?

Yes! While there may some minor differences between the units such as capacity / tops, they are made by the same manufacturer.

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