How to Avoid Ticks While Hiking

Knowing how to avoid ticks is key if you want to enjoy the outdoors to their fullest. They cling to nearly everything and spread all kinds of diseases, including Spotted Fever, Rocky Mountain, and – perhaps most dangerously, Lyme Disease. Ticks are best avoided altogether if possible, but that’s easier said than done. Here are … Read more

Guide For Bear Safety When Camping

A brown bear - in this guide to bear safety when camping, they are the most dangerous type of bear to come across in the wild.

Knowing proper bear safety when camping is very important. Bears are fascinating creatures; however, they are best viewed from a safe distance. Black bears and grizzlies are two types that you need to look out for when backpacking across the country.  Although a bear sighting is incredibly rare, it is essential to know how to stay … Read more

How To Paddle A Kayak: Your Complete Guide

You won't regret learning how to paddle a kayak the right way. It's a total game changer.

Learning how to paddle a kayak will transform your experience out on the water. It’s one of those things that will turn it from frustration to fun very quickly. After all, there’s a reason that kayaking is one of the most enjoyed activities for adventurers around the world. Largely because it’s suited for people of … Read more

How to Bank a Fire

Knowing how to bank a fire is a great piece of knowledge to have when you're out in the wild.

If you’re a beginner to camping, you might not know how to bank a fire or even heard the phrase before! To make it simple: banking a campfire means preserving the coals to start the fire again. The most common way of how to bank a fire is surrounding it with stones. This accomplishes a … Read more