What is the Best Camping Multi Tool?

Having the best camping multi tool possible is a huge plus when you’re out in the wild. A great all in one tool can be a huge ctime saver when you’re setting up camp. Let’s jump into some of the best choices for a multi tool to have ready to go! Leatherman Sidekick The Leatherman … Read more

The Best Shirts for Hiking – Stay Cool AND Dry

When you're out on the trail, wearing the best hiking shirt you can is essential to staying cool and dry!

When you’re on the trail, you want the best shirt for hiking possible. A good hiking shirt can make all the difference in keeping you cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun. Usually, these are usually made out of synthetic material blends for the best performance. Did you know that synthetic shirts block more sun … Read more

What is the Best Hiking Hat?

Dorfman Outback Hat

When you’re out enjoying a long hike on a sunny day, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sunburned on the top of your head. Ask me how I know! That’s the kind of thing that ruins your weekend. Having the best hiking hat possible is an essential part of any hiker’s kit. Whether … Read more

Best Insoles for Hiking

After a long hike and your feet are killing you, inevitably, you’re dealing with soreness and blisters later on.What if a simple upgrade to your hiking insoles could make those concerns a thing of the past? Hiking insoles are one of the easiest ways to increase the comfort of your hikes practically instantly. I’m going … Read more