Finding The Best Camping in Southern California

Dive in as we explore the five places for the best camping in southern California!

In the modern-day and age, life in the city offers just about everything we need. It covers our jobs, socialization, and our routines. But let’s be honest – daily life can get overwhelming. Sometimes we get the urge to disconnect from technology, put our busy lives on hold, and embrace the peaceful atmosphere that only nature has … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Hike a Mile

Learning how long it will take to hike a trail can be valuable for planning ahead and making sure you don't run out of daylight or supplies!

We are always curious about how long it will take to hike a mile or any distance for that matter. Whether that’s due to time constraints or just planning a hike, there are a few methods you can get a relatively accurate estimate. My favorite way to estimate hiking time is Naismith’s rule. It’s a great rule … Read more

What is Trekking?

If you’re new to the outdoor scene, you’ve probably heard the term trek before. It seems like hiking, trekking, and backpacking get thrown around a lot and even used interchangeably sometimes! While you can usually tell from the context of a conversation or website, it isn’t always so simple. A little clarification is in order. … Read more

The Surprising Health Benefits of Hiking

Get out there and enjoy the health benefits of hiking!

If I told you that the health benefits of hiking are tremendous, would you believe me? Even if you already hike, you may not know how much it does for you! It’s pretty self-evident that it’s exercise at the very least. Try going on even a short day hike without burning some calories! For this … Read more