What is the Best Camping Multi Tool?

Camping is one of the most primal things that we as humans can do.

A big part of the experience is relying entirely on yourself and your gear to survive the elements and unpredictable environment you find yourself in. 

Of course, not having the right tools to hand really sours the experience (not to mention it can be dangerous). 

Having a great all in one tool can be a huge convenience and time saver when you’re setting up camp.

With that said, here are some of the choices for the best camping multi tool to have in your back pocket!

Leatherman Sidekick Pocket Size Multi Tool

The Leatherman Sidekick is aptly named as this is one multi tool that is the ideal sidekick for you on any camping adventure.

It makes for a great first-time tool and can also help experienced users thanks to great all-around functionality. The Sidekick has 14 tools in all, including knives, wire cutters, a saw, a ruler, a file, pliers, and more.

The compact nature of this tool makes it easy to store away in your pocket. It comes with an extra layer of practicality too, as everything is contained within the tool and can be accessed with just one hand. 

It’s always ready in an emergency.


  • Spring-loaded pliers 
  • Durable 
  • Accessible
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Comes with a 25-year guarantee 


  • Bulky 
  • Sharp angles 
  • Heavy 


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Gerber MP600 Multi-Plier

Gerber is a trusted name and it’s not hard to see why when you look at their MP600 multi-plier. It all starts with the stainless steel frame.

Then Gerber adds the one-handed opening pliers and 14 other tools to suit all manner of tasks, whether camping, hiking, or just staying at home.

Like the Leatherman, this tool features a simple one-hand opening design that makes the tool more accessible. 

It also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath that keeps the tool ready when you need it. 

The durability of the stainless steel production is what makes this one of the best hiking multi tools around.


  • 14 tools to choose from 
  • One-handed design 
  • Durability
  • Includes sheath 


  • Cumbersome design 
  • Tools can get caught and stuck 
  • Other tools can only be accessed after opening pliers 


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Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool

The words “Swiss Army” and “SwissTool” are synonymous with the best multi tool for backpacking and camping. 

The Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool features 37 different tools including a screwdriver, pliers, and a spear tip blade.

The stainless steel construction of the tool guarantees that you’ll get years of quality use from it too.

The tool has a unique and exciting design that allows you to access every tool individually readily. 

The tools can be accessed and put back into place with a handy release button that locks them away, ready for when you need them next.


  • High-quality construction 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Swiss-made durability 
  • Plenty of tools 


  • Bulky and heavy 
  • Some customers had problems with the leather pouch 


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SOG Multi Tool

The SOG multi tool is a Government Services Administration-approved tool that is suited for military use.

That said, don’t be worried as there’s no law around citizens keeping them in their homes, on the job site, or taking them camping! 

As a result, “Military-grade” doesn’t mean that us regular folks can’t use them too.

The multi tool has SOG’s patented Compound Leverage to offer twice as much power as a regular multi tool when users apply force. 

It also provides 18 steel tools for anything you might need, including; screwdriver, knife, scissors, pliers, and wire crimpers.

As you might expect, it can handle demanding tasks and simple camping situations alike.

The SOG multi tool keeps the tool and safe and secure. Just one press of the PowerLock button is all it takes to lock and release the tools in any situation. 

You’re never far away from your tools when you need them most.


  • Military-grade 
  • Wide variety of tools 
  • Comes with a sheath for easy carry 
  • GSA-approved kit with lock 


  • Locking design isn’t the best 
  • Sometimes accessing one tool releases another 
  • Expensive 


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Leatherman Surge Heavy Duty Multi Tool

The Leatherman Surge multi tool is truly heavy duty. This is one tool that’s always ready for anything.

It’s one of the largest tools that Leatherman offers, and with that size comes a lot of functionality and power. 

It also has one of the longest multi tool blades around and some of the biggest pliers too, making it suited for big jobs.

The Surge has 21 tools built-in, including; knives, wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, an electrical crimper, bottle and can openers, a ruler, an awl, and a saw. 

The good news is that all of those tools can be accessed with just one hand. Even the tools that can’t be accessed directly from the exterior of the tool can be readily accessed.

Like other Leatherman products the Surge is sold with a full 25-year limited warranty so you’ll get years of use out of it. If you run into any problems, just send it back to them and they’ll get it fixed. 

All of their tools are made and repaired directly in the good ole US of A.


  • Wide range of tools 
  • Very practical and suited for most tasks
  • All tools accessible with one hand 
  • Great guarantee 


  • Very stiff 
  • Scissors are low quality 


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Summarizing all of these great multi tools

Camping is a great way to spend some time – whether you are by yourself or with loved ones. It’s incredible how little people actually “need” to survive.

With that said, there are of course several things you do need. 

Make sure to do a bit of homework and evaluate what you need to make the right choice from among the different tools out there.

Which tool is right for you can depend on your needs, after all. There’s no point in paying for extra tools that you aren’t likely to need, for example.

The right camping multi-tool can be the difference between an exciting journey and a bad time – and it could potentially save your life during an emergency too. 

The key is to not unnecessarily burden yourself and get something you don’t need just to feel safe.