29 Fun Things To Do When Camping

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Sometimes, you need fun things to do when camping. Activities that everyone can enjoy after a day on the trails, or in a tent if the weather isn’t great.

Here are some of my favorite activities to do when I’m camping with different groups of people! You’ll enjoy these ideas.

Fun activities to do when camping

Here are some of my favorite active things to do when camping. These usually require some space and good weather to properly enjoy.

  • Frisbee – one of these can make for a fun time while food is cooking or just waiting around for the next thing.
  • Play soccer – it’s one of those sports that almost everyone has played at some point in their lives.
  • Swimming – if you’re lucky enough to have water nearby, this can be a great escape out in the wild.
  • Kayaking – this can be a ton of fun and ties into the above.
  • Tubing – Pack the sunscreen and get ready for a day of relaxation on the river.
  • Bike riding – depending on where you’re staying, this can be a ton of fun to explore new places in nature.
  • Fishing – a relaxing way to spend an afternoon without getting wet.
  • Slacklining – if you ever want to truly find out how uncoordinated you are and have some laughs, try this!
  • Birdwatching – you’ll probably see birds that are pretty different from where you live, and it’s very relaxing.

You’ll definitely want to check ahead on availability and pricing for water-related activities before you head out! Not all campgrounds are made equal.

Things to do when camping as a couple

Camping as a couple presents unique atmosphere to spend time together and have some fun away from regular life.

Here are some great ways to spend time with your significant other out in nature:

  • Cook a meal together – the challenges that can arise doing this out in nature make for a good time.
  • Hike after dark – this can make things way more adventurous and fun.
  • Choose a more isolated campsite – this really makes the focus only on each other, instead of other campers.
  • Build a campfire together – it can be quite the bonding experience and perfect way to relax in the evening.
  • Share a canoe / kayak – what better way to see the sights on the water?
  • Do some stargazing – spread out a tarp with a double sleeping bag and enjoy what we miss in the city.
  • Share a hammock – it’s a great way to cuddle if sharing a sleeping bag isn’t your style.
  • Take a picnic – Having a packed meal out in nature is a great bonding experience and a ton of fun.

The dynamic when camping as a couple is a great way to work together to set up camp and explore the trails.

Things to do when camping with family

Camping as a family can present unique challenges in finding activities that everyone will enjoy.

Here are some ways to keep the fun up for a variety of age ranges:

  • Cornhole – boards can be picked up cheap or even homemade and it’s lightly competitive fun sure for some laughs.
  • Flashlight tag – a sure way to entertain kids, this game is a great way to fill some time at night.
  • Make s’mores – it seems like everyone has done this at some point, with great memories to match.
  • Build a campfire – I know it’s in the above list, but having everyone gather materials can be fun and educational for kids.
  • Play charades – it’s an easy game that everyone knows, sure to entertain!
  • Capture the flag – this one shines with a lot of people, great with extended family.
  • Skip stones – some campgrounds have fantastic bodies of water to hurl stones across.
  • Scavenger hunt – very easy to do and make educational for kids at the same time.

Almost all of these things can be done right at your campsite, making them perfect for entertaining the whole family. Also great for not breaking the bank!

Things to do when camping with friends

Camping with friends is a great way to really get to know each other and have a blast.

Here are some tried and true ways to have a great time with your buddies out in the wild:

  • Card games – anything from traditional to Cards Against Humanity will be a good time.
  • Drinking games – although they require some extra prep with a table, brews, etc. they are sure to please.
  • Drawing games – Telestrations is sure to provide some laughs, especially when it’s dark and alcohol has likely been involved.
  • Spelunking – you’ll want a guide to do this right, but this activity can really give your trip some adventure!

You really can have a ton of fun with friends and let loose more than you would with your extended family.

People kayaking

There’s so much you can do – some parting thoughts

These are some of the best things to do when camping. That being said, you’ll want to check out different campgrounds and what amenities they offer to really plan ahead with some activities. This can really take some of the headache away of finding out the fees for renting a kayak on the spot or that a part of the campground is closed. No one likes surprises like that.

Also, no matter who you’re camping with it’s all about enjoying spending time together. From the seemingly mundane things like setting up camp to the adventurous things like exploring a cave. You’ll probably find that you didn’t need an extensive list of things to do, just being open to what’s out there will probably do the trick! Camping activities for adults just have more options than camping activities for kids. That’s really the only difference.

Don’t forget to clean up after your group before leaving the campground. I’m sure you’re a responsible camper (you are, aren’t you?) – but part of making the experience great for other people is leaving a pristine campsite. Plus, it’ll help you not forget that cooler by the tree.

I hope that this list has given you some fun camping activities to try on your next trip, have fun and stay safe out there.

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