10 Awesome Camping Storage Ideas

You may know how frustrating it is to lose track of your belongings while camping. Especially with other people.

In your quest to find the matches or the sock you hung out to dry, you tear up your entire campsite, and suddenly everything is everywhere! 

Putting everything in its place will pay off in the long run. 

You can make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable with these 10 camping storage ideas.

1. Tidy Tent

tidy tent

Check out the Tidy Tent if you’ve never heard of it. A couple of bicycles (or whatever else you need to store) can fit inside this outdoor storage unit. 

Keeping your camping gear clean, dry, and safe from the elements is worth the investment. 

When you have to walk or bike farther away from your car than where you park it, this is a life saver.


2.Trash can

trash can

Mixing your trash with your other items is the last thing you want.

If you want to deter those pesky, unwanted guests, consider purchasing one specially made for camping that zips up.

Despite folding flat for storage, when popped up, it maintains its shape. 


3. Labeled Compression Sacks

Despite my need for a compression sack, I wouldn’t buy one. 

Why would anyone need it? 

The majority of my camping is done in my car, so I have plenty of space. 

I made a mistake. It’s a pain to dig through piles of everyone’s clothing to find yours. 

Our organization is aided by compression sacks. 

To keep track of who owns what inside the bags, I label the tops. 


4. Coffee Can Toilet Paper

coffee can

For real, ya’ll.

You will be able to keep your toilet paper dry and clean. 

That’s what you want. 


5. Use plastic drawer organizers if you are car camping

These drawer organizers are almost better than storage bins if you use them correctly. 

You can set up two or three in the back of an SUV or minivan and camp out of the car, leaving your campsite cleaner and more organized. 

Cover the tops of them with a firm surface or a towel to create a cohesive surface space that can also be used for storage.


6. Avoid breaking eggs by keeping them in mason jars

mason jar

Keep the carton of eggs at home. 

Don’t waste your time. Prepare scrambled eggs in mason jars by deciding how many you will need. 

As soon as you’re ready, shake it up and dump it into your skillet. Mason jars can also be used to store pancake mixes and soup mixes.


7. Wet clothes and snacks can be hung on a clothesline

Clothes line

What about snacks? Keep bugs away by securing your opened chips bags there.

You can find these things pretty much anywhere


8. Purchase a portable, tall toolbox with several layers of protection

It is convenient to use these toolboxes on wheels. 

You can store your camping items in them since they unfold into layered drawers and are water-resistant.

Generally, I use them for kitchen utensils and cookware storage or as a makeshift dresser. 


9. To hold your gear, buy or create a tent mesh loft 

Hang your gear overhead to keep your tent’s floor open for sleeping. 

If you have a durable fabric or mesh and some connectors, you could build your own Roof Top Tent Gear Loft.


10. Use see-through plastic storage bins to organize your items

plastic bins

Organize the bins further by labeling them and creating a laminated master list of what should go in each bin. Packing up will be easier if you do this. 

Use a dry erase marker to check off your laminated master list, spray it down, and wipe it away to reuse it next time. 

Additionally, it keeps you organized and prepared for your next camping trip. 

Those bins should only be used for camping. Buy another bin if you need the item for something other than camping. 

By doing this, you will always be prepared for a weekend getaway at a moment’s notice.



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